How This First-Time Filmmaker Got Elite Talent on Her Side

'Hatching'Credit: IFC Midnight
Filmmaker Hannah Bergholm discusses her groundbreaking feature debut, Hatching, which premiered at Sundance 2022, how she found financing for the project, and how it was to work with some of the industry's best artists...

In this episode, we talk about…

  • How Hanna created an opportunity for herself to make her directorial debut
  • The process of developing the film and getting the first feature made
  • Using workshops for pitching ideas to investors and sales agents to obtain financing
  • The lessons Hanna learned from her short filmmaking experience, and how that helped her with her feature film
  • Messages she was trying to convey through the film's themes and concepts
  • Style choices and the reason behind the creepy and lifeless design of the house in the film
  • Approaching the animatronic designer, special effects team, etc. to work on the project
  • Creating and designing the visual creatures for the film
  • Understanding what it means to shoot with a puppet and how technical it is
  • The thematic story behind the house and why she switched the character to a girl


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