Pitching is the most important skill in all of Hollywood. It's how you learn to win friends, influence people, and sell projects. So why not learn to pitch from someone who is always buying?

Check out this free webinar, hosted by Christopher Mack, Director of Creative Talent Investment & Development for Netflix International Originals. The webinar takes place this Thursday, Feb. 4, from 11 to 12:30 p.m. PST. 

So what will this webinar be like? 

Stage 32 Next Level Webinars are typically 90-minute broadcasts that take place online using a designated software program from Stage 32. 

In this one, Christopher will delve into what exactly makes a television pitch work at Netflix. He’ll discuss the essentials you’ll need to catch Netflix’s eye and will zero in on how to write an effective pitch document. He’ll pose questions you need to be able to answer and communicate for your series and give you ideas on how best to communicate your show’s overview, world, tone, and characters. Christopher will then discuss how season summaries should be built and give you ideas on how to think about and present potential episodes. Finally, you will have the invaluable opportunity to ask Christopher your own questions. 

This is the best part. You will leave this presentation with the understanding of how to structure and present your series, not in theory, but directly from the source. 

For a full breakdown of the entire FREE webinar, check out the bullets below. 

What You'll Learn:

  • Introduction
  • Some Thoughts Before We Start
    • You will learn about:
      • What to Pitch
      • Netflix Essentials
      • How to write a pitch document
  • Brainstorming—What to Pitch
  • Netflix Essentials
    • Character Driven
    • Teasers
    • Narrative Drive
    • Cliffhangers
  • How to Write a Pitch Document
    • Story Questions
    • Overview
    • World
    • Tone
    • Character
    • Season Summaries
    • Potential Episodes
  • Story Questions
    • Who is the hero?
    • What do they want?
    • Why do they want it?
    • How do they get it?
    • What are the Central Conflicts?
    • What are the stakes?
    • What are the themes?
  • Overview
    • Synopsis
    • Why this series?
  • World
    • Where
    • When
    • Hero’s profession
  • Tone
    • What the audience will feel
    • Theme may drive the tone
    • Director’s vision
    • Movie, television, and pictorial references
  • Character
    • Root-worthy Characters
      • Etsy Case Study (unorthodox)
    • Backstory
    • Traits
    • Arc
  • Season Summaries
    • Godfather Reference
    • 3 Act Story application to season
    • Story Circle Analysis—You, Need, Go, Struggle, Find, Suffer, Return, Change
      • Season analysis
      • Pilot analysis
  • Potential Episodes
    • What are the mini-goals?
    • What are the barriers?
  • Summary
    • Story is about emotion
    • Make your characters suffer
  • Q&A with Christopher

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