This post was written by Adam Lukas & James Everingham.

Working as composers on the BBC's Frozen Planet II soundtrack was nothing short of a monumental journey for us. We had the immense pleasure to collaborate with Hans Zimmer, who has already given Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II their sonic footprint. This time, we were tasked with capturing the intricate beauty and harsh reality of Earth's frozen landscapes.

Frozen_planet_ii'Frozen Planet II'Credit: BBC

In our score, we aimed to blend a plethora of voices and techniques. We recorded a full symphony orchestra and a chamber choir, while an assembly of soloists added a distinct texture to the music. A cherished piece of our process was running the recordings through decades-old analog equipment, which infused the music with an element of unpredictability, mirroring the harsh conditions of these icy terrains.

To enhance the sense of tension and turmoil that comes with the climate crisis, we made use of this technique by recording solo cello onto tape, slowing it down, and then playing it in reverse. The resulting sound is at once familiar, eerie, and unsettling–a perfect metaphor for the creeping threat of climate change.

Adam_lukas_and_james_everingham_1_0Adam Lukas & James EveringhamCredit: Courtesy of

The heart and soul of the music we crafted lie in the voice of AURORA, a Norwegian singer-songwriter whose ethereal vocals served as a conduit, binding humanity to the frozen wilderness. Her ability to capture a range of emotions, from the tenderness of harp seal pups to the deafening fury of collapsing ice sheets, was both awe-inspiring and a poignant reminder of our shared connection with nature.

AURORA's contributions to the score left us awestruck. With a voice that’s an echo of raw, natural beauty and her commitment to a central theme of unity between humanity and nature, she enhanced our work with her indomitable spirit and talent.

Collaborating with Spitfire Audio, we developed "Fractured Strings," a collection of sounds that mirrored the stunning complexity of frozen forms. This endeavor allowed us to encapsulate the splintering of ice and the uniqueness of snowflakes in musical performances. This toolkit, an embodiment of our creative process, is now available for other artists to explore.

We hope the soundtrack album takes you on an epic journey, From the thunderous climax of the main theme The Frozen Planet, to the intimacy of "Harp Seal Pup" and "Giants of the Deep," we designed the album to mimic the highs and lows of life in these frigid climes.

In essence, Frozen Planet II wasn't just a project for us, it was a journey of discovery and a declaration of our shared responsibility to protect our planet. We hope that as you listen, you feel the same connection, awe, and urgency that we poured into every note.

This post was written by Adam Lukas & James Everingham.