While NAB might still be the biggest trade convention for the film and tech world, its dominance isn’t quite what it used to be thanks in part to the growing popularity of other industry trade shows like Cine Gear and IBC these days.

With Cine Gear’s LA Expo in particular we were excited to see so many familiar brands and innovations being shared with those who work in the film and entertainment industry. One of the highlights from this year’s expo was Godox and their newest, and brightest, LED lights and reflectors.

Let’s take a look at what we saw at the Godox booth this year.

The Godox BeamLight Max90

The BeamLight Max90 is the brand’s newest reflector which is specifically designed for Godox's high-power LED light MG2400Bi, which achieves an incredibly narrow beam angle of just 5°. This enables it to deliver powerful parallel beams with slow decay and remarkable efficiency, making it perfect for replicating natural sunlight over long distances. Notably, it's so huge that you were able to see it even when you were far away from the booth.

Here are specs for the Godox BeamLight Max90:

  • For MG2400Bi & MG1200Bi LED Lights
  • 5° Beam Angle
  • Ideal for Long Throw Work
  • Silver Interior
  • G-Mount Accessory
  • Works with Optional LiteFlow System
  • Flexible 180° Adjustability
  • Includes Flight Case
Price: $7,490

The Godox MG1200R


Along with the new BeamLight Max90 reflector, we also saw a new MG1200R, which is the colored version of the previous high-power dual-color temperature lamp MG1200Bi. Its dual-color temperature function adds green-magenta adjustment compared with MG1200Bi, which increases the operator's creative space.

A Stop at the Godox Booth


While these new products were cool to check out, Godox was also happy to showcase some live demonstrations hosted by some talented DOPs and directors like Travis Wears and Jameson Brooks. With Wears' presentation in particular he was able to share some practical lighting techniques from his extensive work in the industry, explaining how to achieve different effects for various shooting scenarios.

Brooks showcased several commercials he filmed using Godox products, demonstrating their practical application on set. He also discussed how Godox's innovative lighting solutions have enhanced his creative projects, providing examples and live simulations of lighting setups.

For more info on Godox’s lighting offerings, you can check out the company’s website here.