Do These New (and Quite Affordable) Godox Scrim Flag Kits Kick Butt?

Channel your inner Deakins with these precision scrim flag kits.

Godox, a company best known in photography circles for their flash lighting systems and as an Aputure competitor, has come out with some new scrim flag kits. They come in two options and provide a comprehensive set of light-shaping tools for you to contour and control all of the light falling on your subjects or subjects with pristine details and care. But in a world filled with Matthews Studio Equipment diffusers and shapers, is it too little too late?

Or should you get these kits and run out to channel your inner Deakins (or other popular DPs with insane attention to detail)? Let's check out these scrim flag kit options to see which one might be right for you and your projects, as well as how they stack up to the competition. 

Godox SF6090 Scrim Flag Kit (24 x 36")

The first scrim flag kit, which we’ll look at from Godox, is the SF6090 set of the 24” by 36”. As mentioned above, these kits represent a comprehensive set of flags that can be used for any lighting project big or small. (Although, in this case, with their larger sizes, this would be the bigger option.)

This kit includes five foldable frames and five accompanying fabrics, which can be open-ended to thwart any distracting or unwanted shadows. The kit also provides 1- and 2-stop silk screens for a more subtle diffusion process, along with black nets to reduce intensity and add contrast.

Here are the full specs and price:

  • 5 x Collapsible Flag Frames
  • 1- and 2-Stop Silk Screens
  • 1- and 2-Stop Black Net Screens
  • Solid Black Screen, 2 x Fingers: 4 x 14"
  • 2 x Dots: 6" Diameter
  • Price: $259.00

While the price is fairly competitive, what makes us interested in this kit is that it's ready for set right out of the box. Perusing FilmTools, we're hard pressed to find a complete kit.

Yes, I hear you, most DPs would just build a kit as they need it, but having a set ready to go is a nice touch for filmmakers just starting, or ready to take their lighting to the next level. How they fare next to the competition remains to be seen, as we have yet to get our hands on some—but fabric's fabric, right? We'll have to find out. 

Godox SF4560K Scrim Flag Kit (18 x 24")

Up next, we have to highlight the smaller but still just as useful and versatile SF4560K scrim flag kit of 18” by 24” flags. Similar to the 24 x 36” kit, you can expect the same set of comprehensive light-shaping tools for contouring and controlling any lighting variables.

Along with the foldable frames, fabrics, screens, and black nets, both of these kits additionally provide a solid black fabric that can be used to fly in some negative fill to quell unwanted light. This can be used for a tabletop, product shots, or close-ups. The kits will also include a 6” diameter solid black and black net dot, plus a black net finger which can all be fit into Godox’s cleverly designed carrying case so you can quickly and easily access the kit for your various shoots on the run.

Here are the full specs and price:

  • 5 x Collapsible Flag Frames
  • 1- and 2-Stop Silk Screens
  • 1- and 2-Stop Black Net Screens
  • Solid Black Screen, 2 x Fingers: 4 x 14"
  • 2 x Dots: 6" Diameter
  • Price: $179.00

Double the Flags, Double the Coverage

Once again, we appreciate the fullness of the small kit. Combining both will run you about $439, which is a solid price for such a robust kit. Getting the same set from FilmTools will run you quite a bit more. Sure, the set might be missing a 48x48, but hopefully, we'll see something like that in the future.

If you're ready for this level of lighting precision and control but have been worried about your budget, this seems to be a great kit to look into. If you do end up grabbing it, let us know your thoughts and how you might use them for your own projects in the comments below.     

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