While Aputure has been an industry leader in the budget LED lighting space, that hasn't stopped other manufactures from putting out some amazing products to amp up the competition.

Godox has been one of these strong competitors and has offered filmmakers and photographers alike a robust range of lights to choose from.

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Here are a few of our favorites.

Panel Lights

Panel lights aren't always the brightest or punchiest, but they do offer a nice option for putting soft light into tight spaces. Most usually have a diffuser built in, or offer a series of attachments.

Godox Mini Creative M1

The pocket-sized M1 is perfect for an eye light, tight spaces such as cars, or for those moments where you need just little kick of light. Adjust hue and saturation from 360 colors when in RGB mode, and the color temperature from 2500 to 8500K to match any ambient light source. There are also 15 special effect modes and 40 presets that add speed and creativity to your shoot. It is rated with a high CRI of 97 that ensures natural and accurate color rendering. The integrated 2410mAh battery charges using the included USB Type-C cable, and it lasts about 2.5 hours when at 100% power.

Yaroslav Altunin
$129 $99

Godox LDX100R RGB LED Light Panel

A new addition to the Godox line, the LDX100R RGB LED Light Panel is a compact 18 x 16" fixture with RGBWW capability. The color temperature can be adjusted from 2500 to 10,000K and dimmed from 0 to 100% throughout its CCT range, giving you high CRI/TLCI ratings of 96. The LDX100R is also rated for output up to 4620 lux at 3.3' and 5600K, drawing a maximum of 118W of power.

Yaroslav Altunin
$439 $389


Hailing from the photography and theater world, monolights offer up output and versatility in exchange for size. They're often bigger than panel lights, but kick out more light, and often are utilized with accessories, such as softboxes of fresnel lenses.

Some can even be battery powered either via Gold Mount or V-Mount.

Godox SL60IIBI

Adopting the user-friendly monolight form factor, Godox packs professional and convenient features in a 9 x 8.5" package with this SL60IIBI Bi-Color LED Video Light. The color temperature varies from 2800 to 6500K to meet any ambient light challenge, match other fixtures, or just for creative expression. It has CRI/TLCI ratings of 96/97 for color accuracy and is fully dimmable from 0-100%.

Yaroslav Altunin
$169 $139

Godox SL300III Daylight LED Video Light

The SL300III offers a full range of professional features with a fixed daylight-balanced color temperature of 5600K, and a high CRI/TLCI ratings of 96/97. The light intensity is variable from 0 to 100% and while you can make adjustments locally on the fixture, the optional radio remote or Godox app is also available. With an impressive output of 99,300 Lux at 3.3', this fixture is a solid budget key light for small scenes or individual portraits.

Yaroslav Altunin
$499 $339

LED Tube Lights

Finally, we have LED tubes. While this isn't the last fixture options you'll have to choose from, they are take the features of a panel light and morph them into an even more compact form factor. Because they come in various length and are usually battery powered, LED tube lights can be can be placed in more locations or even used are practical fixtures in your scene.

Godox TL30 Tube Light Kit

Ideal for still and video applications, the TL30 RGB LED Tube Light Kit offers four compact 1' tube-shaped lights that are well-suited for in-camera practical effects and hiding in small spaces. It fits almost anywhere while features tons of colors, 0 to 100% dimming, and a vast array of multicolor creative effects. They also battery-powered and output up to 740 lux at 1.6' at 100% brightness, run for one hour at full power, and recharge or operate via a USB-C port from any USB source.

Yaroslav Altunin
$449 $329

Godox TL60 Tube Light Kit

This kit off two 2.5' TL60 Tube Light that output up to 421 lux at 3.3' (5600K) with a wide CCT range of 2700 to 6500K to meet any ambient light challenge, match other fixtures, or just to spark creative expression. A library of 40 Rosco and Lee filters offer increased versatility and wireless control features via DMX, the included remote control, or the Godox smartphone app lets you control the app from a distance.

Yaroslav Altunin
$479 $379