When the AMPTP left the negotiating table with the writers and actors, most of Hollywood hoped they would come back and talk soon. The reason is that production companies all over town have movies they want to shoot or movies that were in the midst of shooting.

Now, with the strikes going, those movies have been left in limbo. Those in the midst of shooting are paying huge amounts of money to keep props and sets and locations going, hoping for a quick return.

But since the AMPTP has not come back to the table to deal with the writers or actors, these production budgets are inflating at an accelerating rate.

Among those movies are Gladiator 2 and Deadpool 3. A new report from Variety says holding the soundstages for those movie sets costs an estimated $600,000 per week.

These delays will add to already huge budgets. With there being no end in sight when it comes to the strikes, it's going to be interesting to see if some of these productions ever resume.

There's a real danger that many films with some left to produce or that were early on in production could cancel.

We'll keep you updated as it develops.

Source: Variety