There are a ton of audio accessories out there. Sometimes you can even get away with a bit of gaff tape, and you’re good to go. 

But for many solo shooters, the idea of having a bunch of cables and tape keeping your gear together isn’t only annoying, it can create a rig that is cumbersome to use.

Caleb Pike of DSLR Video Shooter started making small batches of 3D-printed mods and accessories for his gear, and his latest piqued my interest. 

The MicBack

Through Camera Foundry, Pike newest venture, the filmmaker created what he calls the MicBack, a seemingly simple accessory that hides quite a bit of versatility. 

The MicBack is a mod for your current Rode VideoMic NTG, Rode VideoMic GO II, or Deity V-Mic D3 Pro andDeity V-Mic D4 Mini that allows you to attach small form factor audio transmitters and recorders. This includes the Rode Wireless GO series, DJI Mic, Tascam DR-10L, and the Zoom F2.

Camera Foundry MicBackThe MicBackCredit: DSLR Video Shooter

Via this mod, your audio setup can remain compact and live either on your camera, boom pole, or C-Stand (if you’re a solo shooter like me).

That’s it. For about $15, your rig becomes more streamlined and usable, and installation is also a breeze. 

But for me, the MicBack is more than a tool. It’s an idea that I can’t get out of my head.

Pike’s Inception

At its basic level, the MicBack is just a 3D-printed piece of plastic that connects two different tools together. But it works. The simple design has features that fit perfectly with all of the above audio equipment. 

But the idea I can’t get out of my head is how much this simple tool is making me rethink my own camera rig, which is made of multiple accusers from multiple brands and a whole lot of cables and gaff tape. I’ve always rigged my setup to meet my needs but never considered my wants. What do I want as a shooter?

3D printing has always fascinated me, and I am currently shopping around for a printer of my own. The idea of not having to wait for a manufacturer to create something I need and having the ability to just create it on my own really opens up the world of want. 

I want to be a shooter who has tools that work for me, not one that has tools I’m forcing to fit my style. While I can just go out and buy something that’s prebuilt for the experience, those tools can come at a cost. Costs that a lot of filmmakers can't afford. So, why not make it yourself? Pike did.

Should You Get It?

If you use any of the above audio tools or have thought about purchasing some of them for your kit, just go and get the MicBack. You’re not only supporting Pike as an educator and creator, but I’m confident it’s a tool you’ll rely on more than you think. 

Pike even sells the 3D files for $5. If you have a printer, it’s a no-brainer. 

Check out Camera Foundry for more cool mods and DSLR Video Shooter for other cool videos.

Were you intrigued as I was? Let us know in the comments!

Source: DSLR Video Shooter