There are only so many narrative things you can shoot in your own home before you can go a little crazy. And what do you do if your dog is not a good actor? Or your partner is sick of having a camera pointed at them? 

Or no one wants to recreate scenes from Love Island in the living room? 

My escape is to turn to the cooking shows I know and love to make a recipe. 

But what if I wanted to actually make my own show? 

How hard would it be to make a cooking show in your home and what materials would you need to do it? 

Let's dig in and find out! 

How to Shoot a Cooking Video at Home 

So you want to channel your inner Binging with Babish and create some home cooking videos? Welcome to the place for advice. There are lots of things to consider before getting started. You need equipment, software, a YouTube account, and a plan. 

Let's talk about equipment. 


It seems obvious, but you need a camera. You can use an amazing DSLR camera or even just your phone. Learn the quality of what you're shooting. You want to make sure it's at least 1080p, to showcase the food for the finished product. 

When it comes to sound, you probably also want a good mic. 

The Shure SM58 or the RØDE NT1A are great choices in different price ranges. 

Ideally, you want a boom that can hang over what you're making to pick up the sound. 

And don't forget the lighting! 

The Flashpoint eVOLV 200 TTL Pocket Flash WPPI Lighting Kit is the one to get if you're serious about shooting at home. But it is pricey. You can save with the Lume Cube 2.0 Daylight LED Light - With Ulanzi MT-03 Mini Desktop Tripod which you can point and shoot where needed. 

No matter what, you want editing software to ensure the final product is polished and can be popular. 

And when it comes to gadgets, a slider provides great transition shots. If you're using a phone, the Rhino ROV Everyday 8" Motorized Slider for iPhones and Android Phones is a safe bet. 

DSLR and other cameras like the Rhino 24" Pro Slider, 50 lb Load Capacity

If you have other suggestions on gear, put it in the comments. 

Tips on Shooting Cooking Videos 

Before you even roll camera, you want to have some sort of hook. Why should people be interested in what you're cooking? Are these famous recipes? Are you working through Julia Child's book, or following things you saw on TV? 

Maybe you make everything gluten-free or vegan. 

Just have a hook that keeps the audience coming back. 

Have all your ingredients laid out ahead of time and don't be afraid to shoot multiple takes. We think storyboarding will also help you. You want to have a vision for what things should look like, and you want them to turn out that way, too. 

Prep for these shoots are just like any other. 

Make a budget for the ingredients and time you spend. 

Especially if you want this to be a series. 

We can't wait to see what you create. 

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Source: Ryoya Takashima