Idris Elba and Jonathon Majors Square Off in Trailer for Netflix's 'The Harder They Fall'

'The Harder They Fall'Credit: Netflix
We have our first look at Netflix's The Harder They Fall, from producer Jay-Z and director Jeymes Samuel.

The synopsis for the film is a classic western story: "When an outlaw discovers his enemy is being released from prison, he reunites his gang to seek revenge." 

The cast is being led by A-listers such as Jonathon Majors, Idris Elba, Zazie Beetz, and Regina King.

Check out the full trailer below. 

We were also treated with this stunning poster. 

Credit: Netflix

The Harder They Fall will be released in select theaters on Oct. 22 before its Netflix premiere on Nov. 3.

What did you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments!      

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Looks awful. Especially the lighting, costumes and make-up. Everything about it looks fake. Just like a long commercial.

September 30, 2021 at 7:45AM

Carlo Beer
writer / director

The LIGHTING? How so? x-D

October 5, 2021 at 10:36AM