Kinefinity Significantly Drops Its Camera Prices

Kinefinity retools production pipeline to drop costs. 

Kinefinity made its push into the high-resolution camera space back in 2017 as an inexpensive alternative to brands like ARRI, Canon, RED and Sony. No Film School previously reviewed the TERRA 4K, talked about the 6K capabilities of MAVO and tested the image quality of MAVO LF with great results. Today, Kinefinity has announced a price reduction on all of its cameras upwards of $4,000 USD depending on the model. 

The graphic tells it all. The MAVO LF is dropping from $11,999 to $7,999, MAVO sees a $3,000 price decrease and TERRA 4K dips $500. No Film School asked Kinefinity why the reduction in price – not that we're complaining – and the company said it has to do with improving the supply chain and production process.  

Kinefinity has also reshuffled its camera kits to include three packages: Handheld (formerly Basic ), Core and Production. Note the prices do not include the camera body. 

Handheld - $1,499 

  • KineMON-5U Ultra-Bright Monitor 
  • Sidegrip battery grip 
  • GripBAT 45WH for SideGrip
  • KineMAG 500G SSD

Core - $2,999 

  • KineMAG 500G SSD 
  • Movcam Top Handle 
  • KineBACK-W 
  • KineEVF Full-HD OLED Viewfinder
  • KineBAT 75 PD V-Mount Battery 

Production - $4,999

  • KineMAG 500G SSD 
  • Movcam Top Handle 
  • KineBACK-W 
  • KineEVF Full-HD OLED Viewfinder
  • KineBAT 75 PD V-Mount Battery 
  • KineBAT 150 PD V-Mount Battery 
  • KineMon 7H Monitor 
  • KineKIT with shoulder pack 
  • Kine D-Tap Power Cord 
  • Kine AC Adapter 
  • Carrying case 

TERRA 4K Apple ProRes Update

The TERRA 4K is capable of recording up to 4K open gate at 4096×2700 in compressed Cinema DNG or Apple ProRes internally. But ProRes was limited to ProRes 422HQ at all resolutions and frame rates. With a free firmware update coming April 2020, TERRA 4K will be able record ProRes4444 and ProRes444XQ. No hardware changes will be required for the update. 

Final Thoughts 

Price drops are always welcomed but it can be an indication of a new product launch. We asked Kinefinity if anything was on the horizon. For now, that's not the case. Has anyone else shot with a Kinefinity? Let's us know in the comments below.      

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I purchased an LF pro package about a year ago. I am happy with it, this price drop is unreal for people on the fence though! I notice they are no longer offering the pro package which was about 14,999 a year ago. The site is not even loading properly the demand is so high right now.

February 14, 2020 at 6:42AM, Edited February 14, 6:49AM

Walter Wallace

I owned and shot on a Terra 4K when they first came out. I loved it, but I ultimately sold it for a Blackmagic Pocket 4K, as the Pocket 4K BRAW was much more useable than the the codecs in the Terra for me personally.

I've been keeping my eye on Kinefinity wondering if they would be lowering their prices with Z Cam now coming out with their full frame 6K and 8K cameras for only $5k and $6k and RED coming out with the Komodo at some point for around the same price. Whatever the reason, it's nice to see they are still competing with the market because they do make beautiful images!

February 14, 2020 at 7:41AM

Taylor Morgan
Contract Filmmaker

They had to drop the prices because they know the Komodo is going to take their market.

February 14, 2020 at 9:45AM, Edited February 14, 9:45AM


I have owned the Kinemax 6k, the Terra 6k and now shoot all of my content on the Mavo LF. Every iteration has improved greatly and the LF is properly impressive. Before switching to Kinefinity, I had a Scarlet Dragon and it was hilarious looking at the files side by side how much noisier the red files are.

February 14, 2020 at 11:21AM

Liam Gillies
Director of Photography

Thanks for the info. May look at the kinemax down the road. It'll be interesting to see Canon's new line ups.

February 22, 2020 at 10:07AM

Film Buff

still out of my bounds though

February 14, 2020 at 11:15PM

Olivier Rees

I have colored one project on Kinefinity cameras and there were intense dead pixel issues. Did production have a bad set or have they improved on that since?

February 16, 2020 at 10:32AM

Brendon Rathbone

This is good, Kinefinity needed that boost. With Z-Cam and Blackmagic and now RED pushing for that mid-$10k range, they had to adjust. Plus, they need to bring their cameras to the US too. Having said that, I find that I like the image of a Canon cheap mirrorless better. I own 5-6 cameras, some shoot raw too, but a Canon M6 MkII for $800, provides the best cinematic colors for me, when using the VisionColor CineTech picture profile. That camera barely does 4k (some say it upsamples from 2.8k), but by being unsharp it provides a more convincing film look. Can't wait for its 24p firmware upgrade too to complete the package. With its DPAF in 4k now, and its 120 mbps codec, it's easy to both shoot and edit without much headache. Sure, that's just 8 bit, but it looks fine (it's 10bit via HDMI btw).

February 16, 2020 at 1:25PM

Eugenia Loli
Filmmaker, illustrator, collage artist

They should just record in BMD-Raw, sell to more units and ultimately save on R&D.

February 17, 2020 at 4:32AM


The Chinese seem to love words that start with "Mav"

DJI Mavic
Kinefinity Mavo
Huawei Mavi

February 18, 2020 at 3:51PM


I reacted to this article in a positive way with a link to the teaser of an actual short film shot on Kinefinity. And it is gone again.

Tackling spam is hard, I know.
Discouraging real and serious professional people from joining the conversation by deleting reactions is why I'm no longer reacting as often as before.

Feel free to email me with why my posts keep disappearing: if I did something wrong: educate me.

February 21, 2020 at 3:01AM

Director, DOP, Writer, Editor, Producer