Get excited, cinephiles, and filmmakers. One of the most fascinating and beloved cinema artists is being shown to us all in an entirely new way. 

Yes, Stanley Kubrick was known for torturing actors and demanding perfection, but he also made some of the greatest movies of all time. 

The first lines of the trailer let you know that when a director is doing their job on set, they don't always have a good time. With Stanley Kubrick, that can seem like an understatement. 

The temperamental auteur pushed the boundaries of the medium and opened doors for many greats to follow.  

It was rare to hear him speak at length about cinema, but a new documentary gives us more straight from the man himself.

Check out the trailer:

While there is no set release date, the 73-minute doc film, directed by French filmmaker Grégory Monro, is a new look at the iconic filmmaker. The film is currently seeking distribution, with Mediawan handling sales.

The film's description states, "While he's among the most scrutinized filmmakers that ever lived, the chance to hear [Stanley] Kubrick's own words was a rarity—until now." Unspooling exclusive new recordings of detailed interviews with the mythic director spanning 30 years that ruminate on his philosophies, documentarian Gregory Monro weaves a tapestry of archival footage with the rhythm and care of a consummate historian relishing in his discoveries. No stranger to investigating legends of the screen, Monro's exuberant and lyrical cinematic essay is vital. Taking viewers on a journey beyond Jupiter, Kubrick by Kubrick celebrates the essence of what film means to those who make it—and those who watch."

How excited are you on a scale of 1-10? 

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