Ricardo Martinez is a multi-hyphenate Editor, Writer, and Director. He is known for his award-winning documentary, The Wall, which won the 2010 SF Latino Film Festival and screened on PBS. If we had to describe Ricardo’s work, we would say he is an expert at “finding the horror and beauty in the reality” of everyday life.

In today’s episode, No Film School’s GG Hawkins speaks with filmmaker Ricardo Martinez to discuss:

  • Who are the LatinXorcists? And why does this writer's group of Latino screenwriters love horror?
  • Why he was inspired to create the documentary film, The Wall
  • Creating a horrifying video trailer for The Bloodstone
  • What we need to know within the first 5 pages of a script
  • What makes a good monster story
  • Exploring the horror in our everyday human fears
  • Why Ricardo loves using Black Magic tools
  • Color correction tips and tricks
  • Our suggestions for some of the scariest movies

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