The Video Creator Bundle from 5DayDeal just launched today, giving you tools and educational resources created by some of the best creatives and filmmakers. A $2,000 deal for only $98! But that's not even the best thing. You also get to support some amazing charities, such as Street Child, Action Against Hunger, and Make-A-Wish

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Film school is expensive, time-consuming, and not the right fit for everyone. But we all have to learn somehow, right? Here at No Film School, we’re big believers in DIY education, and in the digital age, learning the necessary filmmaking skills is only a YouTube video away. 

The 5DayDeal Video Creator Bundle can help you find the right creative to learn from.

So let’s get learning!

VFX, SFX, Stock Footage, Oh My!

This year will see the Video Creator Bundle feature some of the most talented digital content creators, filmmakers, and cinematographers. With over 30 different courses or tool packs, 5DayDeal is offering everything you’ll need to start your filmmaking journey, learn a new technique, or brush up on old ones. 

The Filmmakers

Leading the charge for the Video Creator Bundle is Ryan Connolly of Triune Films and Film Riot, the amazing filmmakers of Cinecom, and cinematographer Shane Hurlbut who is best known for shooting Terminator Salvation, Act of Valor, and Need for Speed. Hurlbut will teach you the techniques he uses for lighting interiors from his Filmmaker Academy course. 

While Triune Films is delivering some amazing SFX tools from its VHS/CD/Tape and Monster SFX packs, the filmmakers are also giving us their Electric Pack of 260 stock footage assets for VFX compositing and graphic design. 

The lads from, however, will be teaching us how to get started with Unreal Engine 5 and will also include their video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro in the Video Creator Bundle, teaching a course for beginners to advanced users.

Between these three, there’s a wealth of knowledge and tools in the 5DayDeal Bundle to get you lighting, editing, and creating your next project. But there’s still more.

The Creators

This is where the cornucopia of education really comes together. Whether you need to learn editing, color grading, or how to build your YouTube Channel, the creators here have got you covered. Want to learn how to make your drone footage more cinematic? The 5DayDeal Bundle has got you covered. 

YouTuber Parker Walbeck of Full Time Filmmaker brings us his YouTuber Pro course, where he’ll share all of his secrets on how he built a YouTube channel of over 1,500,000 subscribers. He’ll even share his expertise for getting your Final Cut Pro X editing workflow just right. 

YouTuber Pro Course by Parker WalbeckYouTuber Pro Course

Then Denver Riddle of Color Grading Central, creator of Cinema Grade, will give us all his color grading secrets. Want to learn the essentials of After Effects? Steve Ramsden from DIY Moviemaking has got tips for you. 

Color Grading Secrets Course by Denver Riddle

And we can’t forget about Drone Pro Academy, which is also joining 5DayDeal to teach us all about getting the perfect cinematic shot. 

Yet learning these techniques will only get you so far.

The Tools

This is where the tools of the Video Creator Bundle come in. We already mentioned the SFX and Electric Pack that Triune Films is bringing to the table. But 5DayDeal has more up its sleeve. 

Filmmakers will also get the Premiere Pro Creator Pack from Kelsey Brannan of Premiere Gal. You’ll not only get super cool split screen templates, Hollywood-style color presets, and an assortment of title effects, but Brannan also teaches you how to use them. 

Split Screen Templates and Tutorial - Premiere GalSplit Screen Templates and TutorialCredit: Premiere Gal

Chicago- and London-based photographer Tobi Shinobi, who is known for his work with Sony and Adobe Creative Cloud, is also releasing his Expedite & Explorer LUT Pack. Want vintage film overlays to make your footage look like Super 16 or Super 8 film? SMASHWORKS has got you covered with its Vintage Film Overlays Pack. 

Vintage Film Overlays by SMASHWORKS

But maybe you want to figure out how to make some money with your creative pursuits. This is where Studio Sherpas come in with their Budget Maximizer 2.0, a fully customizable plug-and-play tool and crash course for the modern videographer.

Let’s Get Learning!

Frankly, this is just a portion of what the 5DayDeal Video Creator Bundle will offer this year. There are so many more tools and tutorials to explore. 

And for $98, it’s an absolute steal. Everything you get is worth more than $2,000!

Check out the 5DayDeal Video Creator Bundle to learn everything you’ll get this year. 


Not only will you learn everything you’ll need to become a well-rounded filmmaker, but you’ll also be supporting all of these amazing charities

But we have to warn you, there are only five days to snag these tools and tutorials. Whatever you do, don’t sleep on this incredible set of tools and tutorials.