When the FCC expanded the broadband spectrum allowing all types of wireless microphones to operate in the 941-960MHz frequency band, Lectrosonics jumped in.

The frequency band is opened to Part 74 licensees, who take priority over unlicensed users. Since this part of the spectrum requires operators to have a license, in theory, there aren't as many users when comparing it to something like the 2.4GHz spectrum. Fewer users mean there is less of a chance of channel interference. 

If you're familiar with Lectrosonics's popular SM series, the SMWB/E07-941 and SMDWB/E07-941 offer a lot of the same features but use the 941-960MHz frequency band.

The high-end "E07" series has a selectable RF power at 25, 50, or 100mW, a TA5 microphone input, and the ability to record directly to a microSD card.

It's important to note the transmitters do not wirelessly transmit and record to the card at the same time. Instead, it's an either/or function, where it can easily be used as a body recorder when wireless is not available. This is a great feature to have during long-distance car work, or when you simply want to use the device as a backup during an interview. 

Both units combine a 24-bit digital audio chain with an FM radio link to minimize digital artifacts that can leak into an audio track, yet still operate at longer ranges. Audio files are recorded in the industry-standard Broadcast Wave (.WAV) format at 24 bits, 44.1 kHz sample rate. The microSD card can also be used to update the firmware. The transmitters also feature the same backlit LCD found on the latest Lectrosonics transmitters. 

The main difference between the two is size and the number of batteries it needs to power the device. The SMWB/E07-941 is smaller and uses a single battery, while the SMDWB/E07-941 requires two batteries and is ideal for longer days. The SMWB/E07 lasts roughly 5.5 hours at 100mW, and the SMDWB/E07 jumps up to 14 hours at 100mW. 

Lectrosonics says all accessories for the existing SMWB/SMDWB series including pouches, belt clips, and battery eliminators are fully compatible with these new models.

The SMWB/E07-941 has a MSRP of $2,120 and the SMDWB/E07 is available for $2,215. Both models are available now.