Making money is difficult just in general, but it's especially tricky for those working in the film industry. We all know that getting a job on a Hollywood set is a huge challenge, and when we can't seem to land those sweet, sweet PA or 1st AC jobs, we might start to wonder how in the hell we're going to earn a living.

If you're feeling bummed out that you can't seem to monetize your awesome skills as a videographer, I've got a gargantuan list that will help you, sweetheart.

In this video, Kevin from Basic Filmmaker compiles an enormous list of 221 money-making ideas for those working with video and audio, ones that may start out as decent side hustles but may grow to become your main.

If you're thinking I'm going to write out all 221 job ideas for're right.

I'm going to.


On second thought, I'm not. You heard them all in the video, gang! (If you weren't able to view the video, let me know down in the comments and I'll send you a picture of the 221 beads my kid spilled all over the carpet that I still need to pick up by hand after I'm done writing this.)

However, I will jot down the job/gig categories the video covers:

  • Corporate
  • Wedding
  • Anniversary
  • Real estate
  • Tours
  • Restoration
  • Insurance
  • Collector
  • Kids/Teens
  • Reunion
  • Heartfelt
  • Advocacy
  • Memorial
  • Historical
  • Capture/Share
  • Band/Artist/Music
  • Legal
  • Charity/Fundraising
  • Opening a Business
  • Public Relations
  • For Sale
  • Resume/Cred
  • News Reporting
  • Live Events
  • Book Promotions
  • Travel
  • Film/Photo Restoration
  • "Celebrity"
  • YouTube videos for others
  • Front of Crowd videos
  • YouTube videos for yourself
  • Other people's courses
  • Your own courses
  • Other people's schools
  • Blogs/websites
  • Marketing
  • Stock video/photos
  • Social media (celebrities)
  • Books and audio


I feel like this list was made for me because I'm too unimaginative to see beyond the opportunities I've taken advantage of. My reel is full of concerts and weddings and extreme sports...and one kind of weird video resume, but there are so much more out there.

No, a tour video for a local real estate agent doesn't leave a whole lot room for you to flex your Kubrickian influences, but it does put a little dough in your pocket...dough that you might be able to invest in your Kubrickian sci-fi romcom later on down the road.

Make that money, fellow hustlers! 

Source: Basic Filmmaker