YouTuber Daniel Schiffer shot a bunch of B-roll for a pizza shop with the hopes of putting together a 30-second commercial. Later, to test what others would do with his footage, he decided to outsource the project using Fiverr.

The pitch is simple—what would different editors do with a handful of the same footage?

The video is basically a study into how editors approach a project—why they make certain decisions, how they interpret footage, and the many styles of video editing that exist. Check it out.

Schiffer picks a handful of editors that have different rates, as well as offer different final products. He considers how many reviews they have, what their rating is, and their overall description for what kind of videos they offer. After selecting the editors, he sends them a handful of footage he shot, a few tracks for them to choose from, and then lets them get to work.

If anything, this video is an amazing look at the value of having an original voice when it comes to editing. A good edit can make your work stand out, and a bad edit can make your work stand out even more. So let’s talk about some takeaways I had from the video.

Transitions Matter

One of the most eye-opening parts of this video is how important it is for your transitions to make sense. Several times, the editors would throw in too many speed ramps or jump cuts, so that you start losing track of what's going on.

Commercials are inherently meant to be fast storytelling, so there’s only so much you should include in a matter of 15 to 30 seconds. What’s that expression? Less is more? Typing this paragraph sent me back to this video, which I think acts as a good lesson on the basics as well as providing some much-needed inspiration.

Don’t Undersell Yourself

Some of these editors are offering $25 to $35 for a complete, 30-second edit, and yet the final product is a really well-edited professional final video! Which begs the question—why is your rate so low? Video editing is an extremely valuable asset, and if you’re good at it, know your worth! Raise those rates, baby. Get that bread.

I’m sorry I said “get that bread.” Moving on.

Your Music Needs to Fit the Vibe

It's such a simple yet crucial detail to remember when approaching your edit. The song you choose absolutely has to match the product, the feeling, and the subject matter you’re given. Music is an instant turn-off if you choose wrong, and your client will know immediately if an edit works or not.

So how do you know what's best? It's a gut thing. A lot of good editing ends up being gut feelings about whether somethings working or not. The best way to get a comfortable grasp on these feelings is through trial and error. Just don’t give up, and you’ll slowly find your voice, as well as figure out what works best for your clients.

Have you seen this video? Thoughts? I was genuinely blown away by some of the results he got from the lower-priced editors. 

Source: Daniel Schiffer