BirthMoviesDeath reported that Making Moon is now available and along with insights into the film are some very cool never before seen BTS images. 

Moon came out in 2009, written and directed by Duncan Jones and starring Sam Rockwell as a blue collar worker stuck on the most dead-end job in space: Working on the moon. But, with a twist. It's one of those little movies that did so many little things so well (pun intended).

Because aside from being a taught drama that explores the loneliness one finds at the edge of sanity, Moon delivered practical VFX and miniatures at a time when that was still pretty uncommon. Moon cost only $5 million to make, which is pretty impressive considering what most sci-fi can cost. 

According to BMD, the book includes "rare concept art" and "excerpts from the shooting script" which makes it a solid opportunity to learn more about the creative process behind such a strong movie. 

Making Moon Book shows off the Miniaturized Marvel

If you want to dig back into the past and read more about what went into the creation of Moon, check out this story from The Guardian. There is also an interview with Duncan Jones on the making of the film from Studio Daily. 

The photos are all excerpted from Making Moon by Simon Ward, published by Titan Books Copyright © 2019 Liberty Films. All Rights Reserved.

Source: Birth Movies Death