While the rest of the world shifts to online coursework, The National Film and Television School has decided to bring on some amazing professors to help their students adjust. The coronavirus has shifted learning mostly online. 

That has made some film students frustrated. So much of their world was going out and making things. 

Enter David Fincher, Sam Mendes, Ricky Gervais, Jesse Armstrong, and Edgar Wright to give masterclasses via Zoom webinars to students.

That's a pretty incredible lineup. 

According to Variety, Sally Wainwright delivered the first online masterclass for the school, as eager students tuned in to hear from a BAFTA winner and hugely successful director. Now, the rest of the newly minted professors have big shoes to fill as the semester rolls on. 

But they did not disappoint. 

Hundreds of kids logged into the masterclasses. 

Edgar Wright shared some tips on breaking in saying, “There is no reason not to be making something these days; take matters into your own hands and don’t wait for opportunities, make your own!” 

And he also provided them with some insight on how he was quarantining. “Now is the time to watch all those movies you never get around to," he said. "I’m finding watching war and dystopian movies strangely soothing.”

Ricky Gervais was a welcome face helping push a lot of laughter, as well as telling these kids how to approach their projects. “You’ve got to trust your instincts, you’ve got to do it for you. You’ve got to be confident. If you find it interesting, someone else will and it’s your job as a director to make them as interested in that subject as you.”

There's no word yet on whether or not snippets of these classes will be available online to the public but we'll work to keep you updated!