As iPhone filmmaking continues to evolve from a gimmick into an honest-to-goodness production option—thanks in no small part to the new iPhone 15 Pro and its Apple Log recording capabilities—suddenly the smartphone lens and accessories market is starting to heat up.

Moment is no new brand to the space, but its newest line continues a long line of quality lens options which are easy to attach and use, as well as capable of elevating your smartphone photo and video capabilities.

Let’s take a look at this new Moment T-Series 75mm Macro Mobile Lens and explore how it might be a good option for you and your iPhone cinematography needs.

Introducing the Moment T-Series 75mm Macro Mobile Lens

Designed to help smartphone content creators get incredibly close to their subjects, this macro 75mm lens differs from traditional macro photography lenses as it’s truly meant to get up close and personal with subjects.

The Moment T-Series 75mm works less than four inches away from subjects and can be a great tool to capture rich textures, interesting materials, or other small moving objects that your mobile devices would probably never have been able to capture before.

Made with 25% more glass than previous models, this new T-Series 75mm should represent the latest smartphone lens technology on the market with a crisp edge-to-edge design. The Moment T-Series 75mm Macro Mobile Lens is also available not only for the latest iPhone models (like the iPhone 15 Pro) but also for select Android devices as well.

\u200bThe latest smartphone lens from Moment

The latest smartphone lens from Moment


Macro Smartphone Cinematography

Macro cinematography is having a bit of a renaissance of its own these days, and it’s been a style of photo and video that has oddly been elusive to smartphone filmmakers and content creators due to the limits of past smartphone cameras.

This new macro lens from Moment is designed for the wider apertures found on the latest generations of phone cameras, and with its multi-element design, it should be precision polished to achieve an extra-low dispersion rate.

The 75mm focal length itself makes the lens the brand’s longest range option, which means that it should get the same intense shallow depth of field as some of their more traditional Macro 10x models, but with more environment available in the image or recording.

\u200bSee if your smartphone is compatible with this new Moment lens

See if your smartphone is compatible with this new Moment lens


Price and Availability

Like most of the Moment lenses, this latest offering isn’t going to break the bank by any means. Of course, it’s nothing more sophisticated than an attachable lens that goes on top of your smartphone camera, but it packs a punch for its price point—which comes in at $111.99 for this T-Series 75mm.