Like Moment, SANDMARC develops a range of lenses, filters, and lights for popular smartphones as well as mirrorless and DSLR cameras. The company has now released new lenses and filters designed specifically for the iPhone 12 series that are available for pre-order.

SANDMARC is known for its well-crafted premium products that adhere to sleek design rules. But before you can attach one of these new lenses to that glorious new iPhone, you first need to attach a rubber case to the Apple device, which is included with every lens kit.

This design is similar to offerings from Moment and has a threaded mount that allows you to swap out different lenses with ease. SANDMARC is offering six different lenses in all:

Sandmarc_filtersSANDMARC Filters: Dramatic & ND/PL

For filters, the company offers a drama polarizer, a motion variable, and different hybrid PL/ND (16/32/64) filters available. All of them have a 40.6mm inner diameter and a 55mm outer diameter.

Based on those specs alone, it doesn't look like you can use SANDMARC filters with Moment lenses or vice versa.

To use the filter with the SANDMARC lens, simply screw the filter onto the lens. The filters also come with a clip-on mount, so you attach it to the iPhone and use the native lens.  

As for price, SANDMARC is about the same, if not exactly the same as the options from Moment. It also offers bundles of lenses and filters.

You can check out more offerings via the company's website