When Peter McKinnon started his weekly video talking about his father’s Swiss Army knife, I knew that he would be showing off a new piece of kit. One that would be tremendously useful for any filmmaker out in the wild. 

But I couldn’t have predicted it was a tiny tripod with this much capability. 

Enter the PGYTECH MantisPod.

MantisPod Meets Swiss Army

Once you look around the MantisPod, it becomes clear that this tripod is very well thought out. Every available nook and cranny on this thing has another tool tucked inside. 

My personal favorite is a simple retractable foot that, when pulled out, enables the MantisPod to hang on a ledge or divider just about anywhere, as it is steadied by the other two legs. It’s called “Mantis mode,” which brings to mind the bug it’s named after.

All told, there are seven modes to capture just about any angle: Extended Mode, Lowered View Mode, Elevated Tripod Mode, Mantis Mode, Mobile Vlogging Mode, Vertical Shooting Mode, and finally, the standard Handheld Mode.

Made from lightweight magnesium, the MantisPod includes a SnapLock mini reverse ball head, which unlocks the omni-directional functions to easily switch from portrait shooting mode or 360° panning. 

The quick-release enables the SnapLock plate to be mounted in one easy step. The SnapLock plate is Arca-Swiss compatible and contains a tight-fitting screw that prevents it from getting undone with use. 

There are also multiple cold shoe mounts, which can be used to attach lights, microphones, and other accessories. Moreover, the mic mount is attached to one of the legs in a rotatable fashion and is a friction fit. 

This enables the mic to be quickly moved from camera operator to subject and back with no need to lock it down. This makes it ideal for use during an impromptu interview or two-way conversation.

MantisPod Smartphone AdapterSmartphone AdapterCredit: PGYTECH

A Competition Comparison

Other designs closely follow the same, compact function. There’s the iconic Joby GorillaPod. PolarPro has the Apex Minimalist. There’s even the Manfrotto Pixi for those looking at branding. 

But the MantisPod is the first to have this cool, hanging function that I think takes the mini design to the next level.


  • 6 Different Shooting Modes
  • Tabletop & Handheld Modes
  • Hang Your Device with Mantis Mode
  • Removable Phone Holder in Tripod Leg
  • 1/4" Fixed Camera & Phone Holder Mount
  • Side Cold Shoe Mount on Tripod
  • Top Cold Shoe Mount on Phone Holder
  • Comfortable & Ergonomic Rubber Grips
  • Lightweight Magnesium & Aluminum Alloy

Looking at what McKinnon calls his favorite piece of gear so far in 2022, it’s easy to see what standing on the shoulders of giants can do for inspiration. Just a few extra features here and there, and you have an entirely new way of shooting that you didn’t think of before.

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to try it out.

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Source: Peter McKinnon