I was talking to someone the other day about the movie theater experience. I love seeing things on the big screen. I love the feeling of the audience around me, the group reactions to scares, laughs, and amazing action scenes.

There are few better feelings as a writer than seeing the words you've written performed on screen. But something even better than that is eating movie theater snacks while hearing them. 

Yeah, I am aware this is a serious film blog, but today I wanted to talk with you about some of your favorite movie snacks. I want to know your hacks and tips when it comes to munching on movie theater snacks, and I want to know the most creative way you've snuck outside food into the theater. 

This is all a reaction to the New York Times saying movies might disappear in ten years

So let's talk.  

Move Snacks

One of the best parts of going to any indie theater or something outside of the big chains is that they usually have this anthropomorphic snack cartoon playing before the movie begins. The New Beverly does this with most showings. It always makes me hungry, and I feel a little guilt wanting to eat these cartoons. 

When I go to the movies, I go hard. I love a solid Slurpee or Icee. I love getting Twizzlers (fuck you, Red Vines), and I am a sucker for a good soft pretzel and cheese. When I worked at The State Theatre in college, I used to drink a Cherry Coke and eat a bag of Skittles every night. I am overweight now. I joined LA Fitness. But I miss those days. 

What are your favorite snacks? 

Does it matter what genre you're watching? 

If I go action movie, I want popcorn. If it's animated, I want candy. 

And if it's long, I want to pee before I get in the theater. Just sound advice there. 

Recently, my friend Tyler introduced me to mixing candy in with the popcorn. It was never something I did as a kid and I am a total convert now. One of my favorite shows, Binging with Babish, did an entire episode where they showed you how to capture that theatrical experience with candy and popcorn at home. I have to admit, it added to my love handles. 

How do you sneak candy into movie theaters? 

I am a big fan of just filling my pockets with stuff. In LA, it's a lot harder to sneak food into theaters because you never need to wear a coat. When I was a kid in West Chester, PA, I used to carry cheesesteaks into the theater inside the sleeves of my coat. Or a nice Wawa classic hoagie too. 

Those were the days. 

Now that I'm older and have a cholesterol problem, I'm smuggling in carrots from Trader Joes. It takes skill, loose pants, and no shame. 

Still, much like E.T. I have a soft spot for Reese's Pieces. I pronounce them REESE-Y PIECEY. So sue me. 

These are always cheaper at CVS, so I tend to do the tuck-in method and carry them in my shirt. The candy coating keeps them from melting. It's kinda genius. 

What if movies go away? 

I won't lie to you, streaming has gotten so amazing that I fear the theatrical experience will be gone. I'm afraid we'll all be eating at home. That no one will have the joy of duping AMC employees by carrying a six-foot sub into their seats to eat while they watch Lord of the Rings. Yeah, I did that. We wrapped it in four kids' jackets and walked single file. 


The theatrical experience is special. the snacks are special, and I hope it sticks around forever. 

Mostly for the snacks. But also because I love the community, and while it's fun to hang out with you guys here, I like sitting next to you in front of the big screen better. 

Let's keep seeing movies!