There’s a very important lesson can we learn from films like 28 Days Later, which is not available in physical format or on streamer. It’s hard to believe a film starring award-winning talent like Cillian Murphy, who is nominated for an Oscar this year, is not commercially available to audiences. Let’s find out how you can make sure your movie doesn’t succumb to the same fate.

In today’s episode, No Film School’s Charles Haine, GG Hawkins, and Jason Hellerman discuss:

  • Staying conscious about the ways our contracts are written
  • Thinking about where projects will be in 100 years
  • Automating residual systems - is it a good idea?
  • Feeling disturbed and disappointed by the lack of physical media available
  • Pros and cons of text-to-video tools like Sora AI
  • How AI can be a useful tool if it is subordinate to creatives
  • Jaywalking in front of self-driving vehicles
  • What is causing the current short story phenomenon
  • Why you should be reading screenplays every week


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