As reported by MIT Technology Review, NASA has released the first sounds ever recorded from the surface of Mars. Amazing!

If you've been following, you're probably well aware of the NASA Perseverance rover mission, which landed on Mars last week. It beamed out its first panoramic image from the Red Planet, and internet sleuths have already decoded the hidden message in the parachute of the rover. Now, NASA has uploaded what it sounds like on the Martian surface for all of us to hear. 

It's not a very long recording, but what we do get to hear is the sound of 5-mile-per-hour winds blowing on Mars. The recording could be great for some subliminal sound effects in a sci-fi project or maybe for an otherworldly object. Makes you wonder what franchise or director will secretly use it first. 

Nasa_perserveranceCredit: NASA

The rover is equipped with two microphones. One is mounted to the SuperCam instrument, and Entry Descent and Landing (EDL) microphones on the main body record the sounds of landing. The SuperCam sits on a 15mm boom on the head of the rover's long mast. The microphone can pick up sounds of the rover, and NASA says the microphone will help it study rocks and soil. 

You can check out all the other awesome things Perseverance is doing over on its Twitter page

Source: NASA