It's no secret that I love Guillermo del Toro's Nightmare Alley. I gushed about all the levels, layers, and influences. And I didn't even get to everything

In this interview with Dan Laustsen and Cam McLaughlin, we get a chance to hear more about the "how" behind one of the year's best feature films. There is no shortage of hidden meanings and interpretations to del Toro's noir masterpiece, but with Cam and Dan, we talk about boots on the ground. Lighting setups, happy accidents in the edit, moments of inspiration, and the collaboration with GDT and this amazing cast. 

This isn't just another empty exercise in genre revisitation and nostalgia, either. It's prescient and applicable to today, and to entertainment in general. On a week where the big news is another entry in the extremely tired superhero genre, I implore people who care about pushing this craft and medium and form of expression to explore this dark work of genius.  

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