Attention Z Camera users: Nikon is helping to bring that single card slot to the next level of speed with support for CFexpress cards. Or at least those from Sony. 

With the newest firmware update, Ver 2.20, both the Z 6 and the Z 7 cameras, which currently are limited to XQD cards, will be able to support CFexpress cards, NO physical changes required.

With the new firmware update, you'll be able to use either XQD cards or CFexpress cards, but your CFexpress card options will initially be limited. As of December 2019, only Type B CFexpress cards manufactured by Sony have been vetted by Nikon. Other cards are not guaranteed to work. Nikon also reports that CFexpress card support is coming for the D5 (XQD model), the D850, and the D500.  

In addition to CFexpress card support, Nikon also announced the ability to record RAW video to Atomos Video recorders through HDMI...with a few caveats: On the Z 7, 12-bit 4K UHD RAW can be achieved with the DX-based movie format while Full-HD RAW is available with the FX-based video format. On the Z 6, you'll be able to record 12-bit 4K UHD or Full-HD RAW with both the DX and FX-based video formats. Nikon has additionally clarified that as of December 2019, this update only works with the Atomos Ninja V recording monitor.     

The catch? To get the new RAW Video Output functionality, installation service will be required and it comes at a fee of $199.95. As we reported last week, the list of Nikon Service centers is dwindling as Nikon cut their Authorized Service Repair program. Come March 2020, the only place to get this upgrade will be the Los Angeles or Melville facility.  

The good news? If you bought a Nikon Z 6 Filmmaker Bundle (maybe as part of your Black Friday shopping), the service will be free for you! 

The firmware can be downloaded here.

To request the RAW video output upgrade, head here