The Personal and the Political of Filmmaking in Unprecedented Times

We discuss the Supreme Court's decision to repeal the Roe v. Wade decision, as well as recent tech news—and we answer a question about finding your first on-set experiences.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Impact of the Supreme Court's decision regarding Roe v. Wade on the entertainment community 
  • A look at how abortion affects men
  • Making abortion a topic that is open and accessible so that it isn't stigmatized
  • The impact of parenting decisions on your career
  • Parental leave in the entertainment industry
  • Shooting on Alexa Atlas anamorphic lenses
  • Some screenwriting advice
  • Site recommendations and networking strategies for finding production subs
  • Tips when you're job hunting

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This episode of The No Film School Podcast was produced by George Edelman.

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