Pixar is one of the most successful computer animation studios in the world, and for good reason. Their films have garnered 15 Academy Awards, grossed an estimated $13 billion at the worldwide box office, and taken computer animation to places no one ever thought possible, including hair, water, and metal animation.

The work done by the studio is so impressive that it's easy to forget how humble its beginnings in animation were...compared to today's standards at least (standards that they continue to set, by the way). 

In this video from Insider, we get to see how Pixar's animation has evolved, from Scud's smooth, not so furry fur in the first Toy Story to the looks-so-real-that-it-probably-is cat in Toy Story 4. Let's take a look.

Who isn't a fan of Pixar? The company has become synonymous with great storytelling, memorable characters, and immersive worlds that simultaneously feel new and familiar.

But great films aren't Pixar's only contribution to cinema. The technological advancements they've introduced in computer animation have opened up new pathways for animators and designers to tell the stories they want to tell, even if that "just" means being able to apply realistic hair to a furry character or articulate the tentacles of a slimy octopus.

Pixar has taken animation farther than anyone, and surely there's so much further to go. If they can make Toy Story and Toy Story 4 look that drastically different in just 24 years, imagine where animation will be in the future.

Source: Insider