External camera monitors are in a vulnerable position. They're usually mounted on top, to the side, or some other odd angle, likely to get caught on a passing C-stand or hit a wall if you're not careful. While everyone worries about making sure the camera body remains intact, the monitor is a magnet for wear and tear. That's why Portkeys has launched an aluminum version of its popular LH5 monitor lineup, the new LH5P.

Portkeys_lph5_1Credit: Portkeys

Beyond the new aluminum body, the standout feature of the series remains the great variety of camera control interfaces available. When you have the camera rigged in an unorthodox position, it can be difficult to change settings through the on-camera display. Your external monitor is usually better positioned or more convenient for that. 

The LH5P can control Z CAM, Blackmagic, Sony, Canon, and Panasonic models through a cable or wirelessly for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6K/4K cameras through a Bluetooth module. When connected, the LH5P can trigger start/stop recording, adjust camera settings, or pull focus without touching the camera. Besides camera control, the L5HP can control the Tilta Nucleus N/M motor via cable and show lens cursor position. 

Another feature that carries over from previous versions is the 1700 nit brightness. This level of output is designed so that you should be able to work in the bright sun and see a clear image on the monitor. The LH5P is also equipped with standard features, like a touchscreen, waveform monitor, false color, support for Sony NP batteries, and more.

Portkeys_lph5_2Credit: Portkeys

Much of the design remains the same on the LH5P from the older LH5 and LH5H models, which we previously reported on.

The top has the power switch, four customizable buttons, and menu navigation keys. The side has the HDMI in/out and a 3.5mm headphone input. And the bottom has a USB port for camera control, a 5-pin port for camera control that doubles as a power output port, a 1/4-20" thread, and a USB Type-A port to load LUTs, update firmware, or power the unit.

Portkeys has also teased a new BM5 III and BM5 III WR. The BM5 is a popular 5" super bright (2200 nit) monitor that also supports SDI. We don't know what the exact features will be, but the BM5 III WR will support RED Komodo camera control. Hopefully, RED DSMC2 and ARRI camera control options are in the future. 

For most users shooting DSLR or mirrorless, the 1700 nits and HDMI connection on the LH5P line is plenty. If you are working with SDI workflows, the BM5 might be the way to go. 

The Portkeys LH5P is available now for $399.