What was the first Lars von Trier movie you saw? I remember taking a class called "the Profane" at Boston University, and we watched Antichrist. I still think about it when times are tough. It was really brutal. But man, it was art! 

Lars von Trier is a Danish film director and screenwriter whose provocative career has spanned over four decades. His work is known for his examination of existential, social, and political issues. His movies talk frankly about sex, religion, violence, and mercy. 

There is a ton you can learn by reading his screenplays. So check them out! 

Read and Download Lars von Trier Screenplay PDFs

Breaking the Waves (1996)

Directed and written by Lars von Trier

Dogville (2003)

Directed and written by Lars von Trier

Antichrist (2009)

Directed and written by Lars von Trier