One of the best movies of 2022 was a superhero movie we've seen a dozen times before. Yes, Batman was back in the Matt Reeves adaptation of Bob Kane's character. This time, Reeves found a way to inject energy into the story and to give Gotham's detective an actual mystery to unravel. 

The film was directed by Reeves, who wrote the script with Peter Craig. It stars Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne/Batman, and also has Zoë KravitzPaul DanoJeffrey WrightJohn TurturroPeter SarsgaardAndy Serkis, and Colin Farrell in the movie. 

We follow Batman as he attempts to track down the Riddler, who is terrorizing Gotham city. 

What I love about this noir-esque movie is how it subtly incorporates characters from the canon to expand Batman's world, but the story always keep him focused on one case he's trying to solve. The implication of the pillar families of Gotham, tracing back to Bruce Wayne, is a good way to personalize the story as well. 

The movie connected with audiences across the world as well. The Batman grossed a worldwide total of $770.8 million a huge success for Warner Bros. and the cast and crew. 

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The Batman - Screenplay by Matt Reeves and Peter Craig

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