Today, RED announced that it was expanding its RED RANGER camera system, adding two new Helium 8K and Gemini 5K S35 models to the lineup. And while the original RANGER Monstro VV model, will exclusively be rental-only, the new Helium S35 and Gemini S35 variants are available for sale to cinematographers looking to boost their own personal rental quiver. 

The New Red Ranger for Helium and Gemini Super 35 SensorsCredit: RED

RED Digital Cinema President Jarred Land commented:

In collaboration with rental houses to bring the RANGER MONSTRO to market, we have heard great feedback from customers, inspiring these two new variants. We’re excited to offer the RANGER line-up to a wider variety of professional productions and look forward to seeing the amazing images that are created.

While the RED RANGER Monstro 8K VV has been quite popular with higher-end productions looking to rent a more compact and modular system, RED was looking to make the RANGER DSMC2 design available to RED owners as well. Monstro remains a rental product due to its large-format frame, so when designing two new models, RED looked to the 5K Gemini and 8K Helium Super 35 sensors to fit the bill. The Helium and Gemini RANGER models will enjoy the same compact and lightweight design, weighing in at 7.5 pounds, while also offering a standardized modular concept to support RED accessories. 

Land also mentioned on Facebook:

At the heart it is the same camera. Ranger runs cooler and quieter because of the bigger fan but the image will be the same. There are benefits, and weaknesses to complete integration... It's really how you use your camera, and more specifically if you ever rent your camera.

As with all current RED cameras in the lineup, the Ranger models will support REDCODE Raw, as well as Apple ProRes or AVID DNxHD/HR at up to 300 MBps. RED's IPP2 color management and pipeline workflows are also in the mix.

Tech Specs

  • Shimmed PL Mount
  • New LCD/EVF Adaptor D with improved cable routing when used on the left side of the camera
  • New 24V AC power adaptor with 3-pin 24V XLR power cable, which can also be used with 24V block batteries
  • Lens mount shim pack
  • Compatible Hex and Torx tools

Why did RED officially discontinues DSMC2 and Ranger sales?Credit: RED

The RANGER system will have three SDI outputs (two mirrored and one independent) wide input voltage ranging from 11.5v-32v, two 24v and 12v power outputs, a 12v V-tap, 5 pin XLR stereo inputs, genlock, timecode, the works. VLock and Gold Mount battery options are also supported. Also note that while RANGER initially comes with PL mount, RED will offer a Canon EF Mount version later this year. So I'm not sure if they will offer an EF conversion kit, or if EF mount users should keep their powder dry until the EF mount models arrive, but RED is always about upgrading. I would imagine they'll have a way to kill two birds with one stone.

Pricing for the two new RANGER models are listed as $29,950 US for RANGER HELIUM and $24,950 US for RANGER GEMINI. But there's also an upgrade path. According to a thread on Jarred Land's Facebook page, the upgrade price is the standard $15,000 for any DSMC2 camera. So if you're looking to go that route, it's available. The RED RANGER WEAPON VV will remain exclusively a rental.

Available now through and at authorized RED dealers. RED will also be showcasing the new Ranger models at IBC in the RED meeting room, so if you're there, swing by and get some hands-on time.