RED Confirms KOMODO Will Have Anamorphic Support and Global Shutter Mode

RED's Jarred Land offers a few more tantalizing specs to torture KOMODO fans.

Have you been on REDUSER lately? If you haven't, you probably missed the exciting back and forth between RED President Jarred Land and KOMODO fans a few days ago.

KOMODO is easily one of (if not the) most anticipated camera of the year, and RED fans are eagerly waiting for more info on the mysterious 6K camera.

Despite his reluctance to share too many specs before everything is finalized, Land did tease a few very interesting details about KOMODO's design (which is both a sensor and a body), features, and estimated release date. He even threw in a couple of sexy ass images.

And just so you don't have to weed through the entire thread like I had to, here are all of the highlights. Let's kick this off with the biggest bombshells first.

Anamorphic Support

Land promised to share an image as per the request of some users in the forum, and he did not disappoint. He provided a lovely picture of not only a white KOMODO but a ginormous Hawk anamorphic lens slapped right on the front of it.

"And yes Komodo will support Anamorphic..."

You don't say! And also, OMFG!

Credit: Jarred Land (RED)

Global Shutter Mode

KOMODO will have a global shutter mode. Of course, Land threw that little piece of information in with a few less exciting specs, some of which many already knew or expected. 

"Pretty safe to say after beating on the stormtrooper all day today you can expect full sensor 6k 40fps, 6k WS @ 50fps. Which means 4k @60fps shouldn't be a problem, but I have not actually tested that yet. And yes, that's all in global shutter mode."

Possible Release Date

Obviously, there's no way of knowing when the KOMODO will be released at this stage of the game. Land says as much. However, he does shed some light on a possible timeline and where they're at in it.

"Well, My Stormtrooper Komodo arrives on Friday. Stormtrooper REDs usually signal pre-production. It's impossible to predict how the next stage will go, because literally everything could go wrong, but if you look back historically and use Helium as a reference, We went from Stormtrooper Heliums to shipping to normal Heliums everyone 3-4 months later. So if you need to make a guess.. that's about as good as you can get. But... as we bang on them more.. that could go completely sideways."

Could we see KOMODO out in the wild by mid-February or mid-March? Maybe... or maybe everything will go wrong, as Land says.


Land shared a gorgeous image of the KOMODO display. And if you're wondering if that display is, in fact, a touchscreen, Land says "that's a pretty safe assumption."

Credit: Jarred Land (RED)

Multiple Color Options

Michael Bay may not be the only one to get his hands on a colorful RED camera... though Bayhem Green is strictly off-limits to anyone who is not Michael Bay. One user discussed the possible success of multi-colored units:

I think your missing a real opportunity here Jarred. If you offered the Komodo in different colors I'm sure you would increase sales and obviously some colors would or could be Limited Editions or you just have to pony up for the color you want. Personally I would love to have a Lime Green one like the Bay mans. Or even a delicious Candy Apple RED. Think of all those rainbows of Komodo's out there making people say what camera is that. Just because it florescent Orange. What do you think...

Land hinted that there may be multiple color options for the KOMODO body.

"Heh heh heh not missing anything my friend, already two steps ahead of you :) But Bayhem Green is off limits... that's his."

Full Specs May Be Coming Soon

Tired of these tech spec teasers? Ready for the whole enchilada? Well, Land says that they might be coming soon.

"We are Probably ready to start talking specs soon though... since those wont change that much now. Although most of you have figured it out anyways."

What We Do Know

4K Shooters created a list of all of the features and specs RED has confirmed so far about KOMODO. Check it out below:

  • Fixed Canon RF mount
    • RF to EF (and PL) adapters available
    • many more adapter options
  • Phase-detect Autofocus support
  • There will be some sort of Global Shutter Mode
  • 6K/40fps full-sensor; 6K WS at 50fps
    • in Global Shutter Mode
  • REDCODE Raw recording options
  • Anamorphic support
  • CFast 2.0 recording media
    • first RED camera to use non-proprietary media
  • Komodo is both the name of the new sensor and camera body
    • Komodo is not DSMC2 or replacement for it
    • Not DSMC3 either: it’s an auxiliary camera in the lineup
  • 4K SDI output (can be 6G or 12G-SDI, that’s TBD)
  • 3.5mm audio in, headphone jack
  • 2 x Canon BP style battery slots, hot-swappable
  • Top touchscreen menu and live-view display
  • Wi-Fi for remote camera control and monitoring
  • Cube-like form-factor, smallest RED camera to date
  • Release sometime in 2020
  • Price: $5K-6K or slightly more
    • Hydrogen gets you some sort of discount

Are you getting excited about the RED KOMODO? (Even if you'll never ever have one in Bayhem Green?)     

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Vaporware: "software or hardware that has been advertised but is not yet available to buy, either because it is only a concept or because it is still being written or designed."

November 20, 2019 at 4:37PM


Being a bit over dramatic don't you think?

November 21, 2019 at 6:43AM


I mean, it's literally just a dictionary definition. RED is famous for vaporware. Shit or get off the pot.

November 21, 2019 at 11:17AM


what are you looking for?

November 21, 2019 at 4:20PM

Dukun Pelet Ampuh
Dukun Pelet Dan Santet Handal

Announce the camera or stop talking about it! You'd never see these theatrics from ARRI, they just release quality products and then get out of the way.

November 21, 2019 at 6:26PM


A small paragraph at the beginning explaining what type of camera the Komodo is would have been nice.
This was confusing, right up until the spec list and prices, this is a body that is supposed to be more affordable and easier to use (smaller sets) than the current REDs.

November 20, 2019 at 7:10PM





*laughs harder*


November 21, 2019 at 10:00AM

Joseph Arant

wow amazing.. haha

November 21, 2019 at 4:19PM

Dukun Pelet Ampuh
Dukun Pelet Dan Santet Handal