No more excuses. If you’ve been waiting to gear up with some of the best and most professional cameras, lenses, grip, and lighting gear it’s now easier than ever to manage, track, and even rent gear directly from ARRI Rental, thanks to this new app. As we know, renting can be a great option for filmmakers.

ARRI Rental has launched its new ARTS app to help filmmakers and high-end video professionals streamline their rental process. And, in the process, they’ve made it just that much easier for first-time renters to explore the wide and wonderful world of high-end film and video gear.

Let’s take a look at this new app and explore how it could be the perfect way for seasoned video pros, or aspiring cinematographers, to use some of the best filmmaking gear in the world on their projects.

ARRI Rental's ARTS App

While this isn’t the most groundbreaking or sophisticated app ever released, ARRI Rental's new ARTS app is actually a huge achievement for the brand, as it's perhaps one of the most ambitious steps forward in making their huge catalog of top-end film and video gear available (and easier to manage) for filmmakers and video pros of any level.

WIth this new ARTS app, renters will be able to use their smartphone devices to track items rented directly from ARRI Rental and get a host of updates and overviews about all of their orders and packages. Plus, from within the app, users will be able to quickly and easily keep track of all of the gear that they’ve rented and coordinate which items are due to be returned and when.

\u200bA look at the ARRI Rental ARTS app

A look at the ARRI Rental ARTS app

ARRI Rental

A Simple Asset-Tracking System

It’s also about as simple of an asset-tracking system as they come, which means that there’s nothing overly complicated or tricky about getting started. It’s pretty simple, really—if you’re renting from ARRI Rental, you can use this app to keep track of all of the gear and all of the parameters that go with them.

Here’s an overview of the features from ARRI Rental available with this app that you can use on set:

  • Scan the ARRI Rental Barcode on your item and get Information like order name, planned return, and asset information
  • Check all items on set
  • Search items by parameter such as order, ship date, planned return
  • Check for overdue items
There might be some more features in the future, but for now, it's about as simple and effective as you'd imagine for such a legacy brand.
\u200bSome of the asset tracking options

Some of the asset tracking options

ARRI Rental

Where to Download

The app is available for both Apple devices like iPhones and iPads via the Apple App Store, as well as for any Android devices via Google Play. The app is available to download for free and syncs with your customer account to simply and easily manage your orders.