The RØDECaster Pro makes podcasting easy. With 4 XLR inputs that provide phantom power and separate headphone jacks for each input, podcasters can easily set up a show with multiple hosts or guests. On top of that, the mixing panel features multiple channel faders, a balanced 1/4" TRS output to monitor the sound via speakers, and an integrated microSD to record audio directly as well as a USB to connect it to your computer.

Firmware 2.1 unlocks brand new features including post-fader multi-track recording, complete granular control over all processing parameters, additional editing and export options, sound pad optimization, and updates to the Companion app.

Granular Control
Users can now fine-tune the on-board audio processors. Previously, all of the audio processing was controlled by an on/off switch. A new Effects Edit Mode allows you to tweak all the parameters of the compressor, including noise gate, de-esser, APHEX Aural Exciter, Big Bottom, and the high-pass filter. To access the new tool, press the settings button and then navigate to Advanced>Audio>Processing> then enable Effects Edit Mode. After activating it, you can access the processing for each channel.

Master Bus Compressor
The update provides a master bus feature and can be applied to the master output of the device, which includes each mic input, the smartphone, USB, and Bluetooth channels, and sound pad. This comes in handy when you want to apply an overall sound to the shot. It would be similar to applying a LUT to multiple video sources.

Broadcast Level Metering
RØDE added the broadcast-style level meters with precise dBFS markers to each of the channels on the home screen. This is handy if you are delivering a show with specific broadcast specs.

Post-Fader Multi-track Recording
Now both pre-fader and post-fader recording are available. With pre-fader, all the settings, including the levels, are bypassed leaving the raw recording. Post-fader mode records all the settings and processing of the output saving you time in post.

Sound Pad Overdubbing Mode
Audio that has been loaded onto the sound pads can now be overdubbed, allowing you to create layered sounds, record VOs over music, ad rolls, and more.

Companion App
RØDEhas updated its app so that all the features can be adjusted directly on the interface. Users can also revert back to the default settings or update the RØDECaster Pro software via the Firmware Updater that's now integrated into the app.

RØDE included several other updates including the ability to loop a sound pad infinitely, a -6 dB pad for the TRRS output, a swipe up feature to return to the homepage, and the ability export to different podcast platforms, among others. The latest firmware is available to download on the support page.