There are only a couple of days before the SAG-AFTRA strike begins if they don't reach a deal with the AMPTP, but there is a sort of compromise in sight. SAG could extend the deal with the AMPTP and continue negotiations without striking. 

Yesterday, we reported that over 300 actors were urging their union to strike to get what they need via an open letter. As of this morning, that number is over 1000 signatures. So it seems like they're willing to stop working if they don't get what they're asking about, namely protection from AI taking their likenesses and using them without being paid and residuals from streamers

The extension would carry the negotiations past the July 4th holiday and allow both sides to hopefully find common ground without missing days negotiating. It could be a week or a month or anywhere in between. They'll decide that closer to the July 1st end date. 

A strike would shut down every project using SAG actors in Hollywood across film and TV. Needless to say, it would be great to get the actors and writers what they want and need so that production can thrive again. 

We'll let you know what happens.  

Source: Deadline

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