In the bustling film festival scene of Los Angeles, where glitzy premieres often steal the spotlight, the Salute Your Shorts Film Festival emerges as a distinctive event, prioritizing authentic connections over glamor. Nominated for Best Film Festival on USA Today, this festival, conceived by filmmakers turned programmers, has carved its niche by offering a curated selection of only 55 films last year.

The brainchild of Artistic Director Erin Brown Thomas, Salute Your Shorts was born out of a desire to create a more personal festival experience. Thomas remarked, “I would attend well known festivals in Los Angeles and never meet the programmers, even when my films would win! Hollywood, of all places, deserves a more intimate event. So I started one.”

Focusing on quality over quantity, the festival spotlights films that provoke thought and leave a lasting impact. With a deliberate choice of a single location and one screen, Salute Your Shorts has engineered an intimate space resembling a film festival “summer camp,” with an emphasis on providing filmmakers with a platform for genuine connections.

Salute Your Shorts 2023

As filmmakers who've navigated major festivals, we understand the need to make each participant feel special. Our festival goes beyond the ordinary by offering Getty portraits for filmmakers and providing personalized programmer statements for each film.

Last year, our festival's kick-off panel "Everything is a Visual Effect”, spearheaded by Oscar-winning directors The Daniels, sold out, marking the start of a wonderful weekend. Salute Your Shorts also proudly earned its place among the top 100 best-reviewed film festivals on FilmFreeway.

Our festival serves as a launching pad for emerging talent, with an alumni list that boasts Oscar nominees, winners, and support from indie luminaries like Jim Cummings and Ben Proudfoot.

“Short films are not just a stepping stone to features, they are a place for filmmakers to take risks and further define their voices,” said Erin. “To put it simply—we are more interested in how a story is being told rather than what story is being told.”

Salute Your Shorts Festival

What sets Salute Your Shorts apart isn't just its stellar programming and intimate ambiance, but the dedication of our all-volunteer staff. Fueled by passion and commitment, we channel our love for filmmaking into creating an event that genuinely celebrates the art and its creators, emphasizing community building.

As we find ourselves leading the charge for the title of USA Today's Best Film Festival, we would love your support.

Voting remains open until March 18th, and your support can propel Salute Your Shorts to claim the crown. This is more than just a vote for a festival; it's a collective endorsement of a community that values storytelling, connection, and unwavering support for emerging filmmakers.

Join in championing Salute Your Shorts—where the alchemy of filmmaking converges with the authenticity of human connection. Your vote is not merely a ballot; it's a testament to the resilience and spirit of the Salute Your Shorts Film Festival.