Many writers are out of work and even more up and coming people interested in screenwriting are having a very hard time paying the bills. That's why we, at No Film School, try to show you where you can find cheap or free resources that will help you reach your filmmaking goals. 

And it makes us happy when we find ones like this. 

The exclusive Science of Storytelling seminar is offering a 7-course series, for which you can pay anywhere from $0 to $500, depending on your situation. 

Muse Storytelling, who offers the course, says, "So we are gifting you our flagship course — The Science of Storytelling — taught live, twice a week, with the opportunity to pay what you can, whether that's $5, $50 or $500 (what we would normally charge for the course). Please note that your contribution amount is confidential."

This is an amazing opportunity for writers all over the globe. 

The Science of Storytelling is Coming Into Your Home 

The Science of Storytelling is a 7-session month-long live online course designed to "give you clarity and confidence, to increase your budgets and creative freedom, and to give you the ability to create stories you love, every time."

And it's not just for filmmakers and screenwriters—if you're a brand leader or the head of a nonprofit, this course has something for you, too.

So what does your money get you? 

What you get when you join

  • 7 live teachings of the Science of Storytelling, each 60 minutes long with an additional 15 minutes of questions from the community
  • 1 special guest each webinar, from leading researchers in Narrative Transportation to heads of marketing (see the full list below)
  • Access to a community Slack channel for the duration of the webinars where you can discuss filmmaking, gear, and all the story ideas we're teaching
  • The opportunity to sign-up for weekly challenges that push and deepen your understanding of the concepts taught that week (this are no additional cost, and available to anybody who wants to participate)
  • All recordings of the webinars, so you can review later or get caught up if you miss the live session

Yeah...that's pretty incredible. 

When are the courses? 

Course Dates

7 sessions on Tuesdays and Thursday

  • Thursday, April 9th, 2 pm PST
  • Tuesday, April 14th, 2 pm PST
  • Thursday, April 16th, 2 pm PST
  • Tuesday, April 21st, 2 pm PST
  • Thursday, April 23rd, 2 pm PST
  • Tuesday, April 28th, 2 pm PST
  • Thursday, April 30th, 2 pm PST

How to Sign Up

To sign up, visit this link from Muse Storytelling and decide what you will contribute. Hurry up because the first course date is fast approaching! 

As Muse says, " circumstances like this, there are two things that matter: connecting with each other and taking proactive steps with what we can control."