Writing is the meanest thing I do to myself on a regular basis. It drives me, and many of you, consistently nuts. 

The thing about writing is that it can be kind of addictive. I love the adrenaline rush when I like a page I wrote or the swell of butterflies when an executive loves an idea. 

But I also live in a world where ten crushing moments happen between one joyful one. So every time I sit to write a feature or a pilot, I know pain is on the way. 

That's why I laughed so hard when I saw this infographic from @AnxietyIssue on Medium. It sums all my feelings up in one place. 

1_kayujbqoiwjb5dg9kdgtogCredit: @AnxietyIssue

Each of these steps applies to both books and screenplays. It can be easy to fall apart when writing but you have to buckle down and stay focused. 

Yeah, it's a pain in the ass. But does anything feel better than a finished draft? 

What's next? Don't be a wimp, write your script!

I remember sitting in class and learning how to write a screenplay. I also recall the click of the keys when I sat down to write my first screenplay. It was an exciting feeling, but as I crossed from page one to page two, I was never sure where I’d be going. When I finally typed “Fade Out,” my heart was a flutter. But as you know, all writing is rewriting.

Learn together!