If you haven’t yet experienced Scriptation, you’re in for a real treat. This is the app used by the pros on shows like The Walking Dead, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Game of Thrones. Scriptation is built from the ground up for production and makes marking-up scripts incredibly easy. You can do everything from taking notes, to bringing in pictures, images, shot lists, and camera diagrams. You can finally ditch that three-ring binder! 

And then, using Scriptation’s signature Note Transfer, every time you get an updated script, all of your notes and pages instantly transfer to the right place in the new draft. That feature alone can save you hours every week!

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Scriptation has got everything you need as a director, DP, AD, sound mixer, and more, all in one place. The Pro package includes complete access to Note Transfer, Layers, Facing Pages, Compare Scripts, Cloud Sync, Saved Annotations, and a whole lot more.

Scriptation recently offered a free month to all of our readers. Now they're offering the complete Industry Pro package—exclusively for NFS readers—for only $48.

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What Is Scriptation Industry Pro?

Here are the features you'll get in Scriptation Industry Pro.

  • Note Transfer - Intelligently transfer annotations into new drafts with the tap of a button. With Industry Pro you can collate individual page packets and transfer custom bookmarks.
  • Layers - Keep multiple sets of notes within a single PDF script. Show/Hide Layers just like in Photoshop, and Export Individual Layers to share with collaborators.
  • Compare Scripts - Never miss a script change! Take two drafts of the same script and generate a scene-by-scene breakdown of all that's been added, deleted, and changed.
  • Cloud Sync - When you're working, you want to know that all of your notes are secure, backed up, and easily accessible. Access your work across multiple devices with the cloud service of your choice.
  • Page Maker - Customize your script, and unlock the full potential of a digital workflow. Insert facing pages, set plans, photos, diagrams, copy/paste pages between documents, and more.
  • Lining Tools - The fastest way to line scripts! Powered by intelligent scene heading and character name recognition, Lining keeps you organized on set, and saves hours with instantly generated tramlines.
  • Sides Creator - Going paperless with sides makes it even easier for everyone to know the day’s work. Simple page selection, and creation of a new shareable file, all within seconds.
  • Custom Highlight Colors - Automatically highlight dialogue by character name in any color of your choice. Record presets and colors that match your entire workflow. 
  • Auto Scroll - Read scripts in a mobile-optimized view, without needing to pinch or zoom. With Auto Scroll, you never have to turn pages again! 
  • Saved Annotations - Save custom stamps, drawings, text notes, and images/photos for use again and again throughout all of your scripts.

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