Drone footage can add a ton of production value to your work if you know what you're doing. For the relatively inexpensive cost of a drone and an experienced operator (or plenty of hours of practice), you can get some dazzling shots from perspectives you'd never be able to get on the ground.

Whether you're a novice drone pilot or a pro bored of your bag o' tricks, you'll want to take a look at this video. In it, Josh Enobakhare of Olufemii Tutorials talks with filmmaker Matt Coleman about a ton of creative and stylish drone maneuvers you can use when you're capturing shots from the sky. Check it out below:

Olufemii and Coleman share a bunch of great tips on how to shoot better, more professional-looking drone footage, including editing techniques like speed ramping, cinematographic techniques like using ND and polarizing filters and choosing ideal times of day to shoot, as well as knowing and understanding drone laws in whichever country you're flying in.

However, the golden goose of this video is certainly the giant list of camera maneuvers you can learn to utilize in your work. You may know how to pull some of them off, and you may know some of them by different names, but either way, this list is definitely worth some study if you want to become a better drone pilot.

Without further ado...


  • Push Away Reveal
  • Pull In Reveal
  • Arched Pull In Reveal
  • Arched Push Away Reveal
  • Elevation Reveal
  • Bird's Eye Pull In
  • Bird's Eye Push Out
  • Bird's Eye Twirl
  • High Angle Orbit
  • Eye Level Orbit
  • Tracking Forward
  • Tracking Backward
  • You Overtake
  • Them Overtake
  • Faux Jib
  • Faux Jib with Tilt
  • Establishing Fly Forward
  • Establishing Fly Backward
  • Parallax Shot
  • Low Angle Hero Shot
  • Building Flythrough
  • Ground Skim

What are some other important techniques drone pilots should know about before they take to the skies? Let us know down in the comments.

Source: Olufemii Tutorials