Never Miss a 35mm Screening Again with Kodak's New Reel Film App

Kodak's new app lets you know which movies are currently screening on film in your city.

It's no secret that Kodak has made a heavy push towards the celluloid renaissance this year. One of the arguments they have relied on heavily during this campaign is that going to see a movie on film is a more immersive experience than seeing it on digital. Their latest effort in driving this belief home comes in the form of a handy app that they call Reel Film

The app aids both film purists who will no longer have to do deep dives into finding theatrical releases of their favorite films, and newcomers who may have an interest in the medium but think there is nowhere in town "artsy" enough to experience it first hand. All you have to do to find what movies are currently playing on film in your town is type in your zip code and browse away. 

Courtesy of Kodak.

The results aren't limited to 35mm; the app will also show you films shot in 35mm 3D, 70mm, or other film formats. In addition, you can see a list of movies that have recently come out that were shot on film, along with maps pinpointing the locations of any theater in your area that has film projection capabilities.

Courtesy of Kodak.
Plus, if you're really worried about missing a release, you can even sign up for some fancy pop-up notifications and be the first to buy tickets before any limited engagements sell out. You can download the app for iOS here    

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