As smartphone filmmaking advances, so too must its tools, and one avenue of advancement is creating all-in-one solutions. If you're shooting footage on the fly, you're going to need to rely on more than what your mobile device can offer, namely when it comes to lighting, audio, and battery power.

Enter the Shoulderpod G2, a grip that allows users to mount everything from external microphones to lights to extra batteries to their smartphone setup.

The G2 supports virtually any smartphone on the market with a spring-loaded "Smart-Clamp" system. We're talking iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Xiaomi, Pixel, Sony Xperia, HTC models, and many more.


The most noteworthy feature of the G2 has got to be its numerous mounting options. It's designed with six cold shoes and two standard 1/4" -20 inserts, which means you can not only beef up your smartphone rig with external microphones, lights, batteries, and other must-have accessories.

And you can also mount the entire rig to a tripod in either landscape or portrait mode.

Key Features

  • Universal: Fits all modern smartphones between 2.3 and 3.5" wide
  • Smart-Clamp mechanism: Quick release and lock for your phone
  • Ergonomic tiltable design: Switch from horizontal to vertical video easily
  • Multiple mounting points: 6 cold shoes and 2 tripod mounts for adding anything you need
  • Tough and reliable: Made from reinforced composite polymers
  • Silent strap design
  • Eco-Friendly packaging


When it comes to smartphone grips, there are plenty out there in the market -- some obviously not even worth their minuscule price tag. One that I've been quite fond of is the Beastgrip Pro. Not only does it have similar mounting options as the Shoulderpod G2, but it also has a universal lens adapter that allows you to mount SLR and DSLR lenses to your phone with the use of their DOF adapter.

However, that kind of functionality is gonna cost you. The Beastgrip Pro is $140 and the DOF Adapter MK2 is $270. Giving yourself the ability to mount pro lenses to your smartphone for $410 is kind of a steal, but if you're just looking for the basics — a grip that you can mount a light and mic to — you might want to take a closer look at the Shoulderpod G2.

Pricing and Availability

The Shoulderpod G2 is available now for $69.90.

Source: Shoulderpod