Need Some High-End Sound FX? Artlist Can Hook You Up Now

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Artlist is expanding beyond music licensing to bring you a high-end library of sound effects.

At some point, all filmmakers need stock assets for their projects and music licensing platform Artlist has been working hard to make that process as pain-free as possible by not only offering users unlimited access to royalty-free music at an affordable price but also offering stock footage through Artgrid.

And now, that process is easier than ever because the Israel-based company has added yet another branch to its platform, giving filmmakers access to a catalog of high-end sound effects through the same universal license.

Let's break that down: You get unlimited downloads of quality sound effects that you can use on any video project...and you can keep them forever.

What Does the SFX Plan Offer?

  • Unlimited downloads
  • One worldwide license that includes commercial projects
  • Handpicked industry-leading sounds
  • User-friendly category filters
  • Packs containing sounds with the same theme
  • Search engine with suggested tags
  • Available SFX file-formats - 96k/24 bit WAV, 48k/24 bit WAV, 48k/AAC

How Much Do Artlist Plans Cost? 

Artlist is offering the SFX catalog as a standalone subscription or as part of a bundle that includes the music catalog, saving you $50 on your subscription. And the best part is that once you download your assets, they're yours forever...even if you don't renew your subscription.

  • Artlist Music + SFX: $25/month ($299 annually)
  • Artlist SFX: $12.50/month ($149 annually)
  • Artlist Music: $16.60/month ($199 annually)

Already got an Artlist Music subscription? You can easily upgrade to include SFX.

Adding sound effects seems like a pretty wise move for Artlist, namely because filmmakers are looking for simplicity and versatility in licensing platforms. If there's a one-stop-shop, creators will prefer that (if the content is good), so a move to becoming a complete solution, with music, stock video, and now sound effects, seems like the right one.

Head on over to Artlist to learn more about the new SFX plan.     

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