As the studios prepare to roll out their Academy Award campaigns, the major benefit we get as fans and filmmakers is the interviews. I love hearing the process behind how movies come together, and I love it when other famous filmmakers join in the conversation.

Recently, in Los Angeles, Steven Spielberg sat down with Martin Scorsese to discuss Killers of the Flower Moon.

The two legends sat across from each other and had a frank conversation, which started with some accolades.

Spielberg said to Scorsese, “For me, this is just an exceptional experience, watching your film. You know how I feel about all of your films, but this one stands out in a way for me that’s so impactful. It’s an epic journey, but it’s not a Hollywood epic, for me; it’s a humanitarian epic.”

I'll link a whole video of the conversation below.

Steven Spielberg Interviews Martin Scorsese, Talks Killers of the Flower

What I loved about watching this conversation was listening to two people who care so deeply about cinema. It's not just lessons or behind-the-scenes information, but getting access to what they reacted to in the story and on the screen gave me a much more intimate understanding of what the movie meant to me.

Spielberg finished the interview with these words: “You are the master of our medium, and this is your masterpiece, Marty.”

I have to agree.

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