Well, Tenet is finally here...sort of. I mean, I can't see it in LA yet...and also I wouldn't want to go to a theater because I am poor and getting COVID would bankrupt me and possibly kill me, but in more stable parts of the globe, people are watching Tenet

It seems like it might be Christopher Nolan's biggest epic yet. 

I mean, we know they did a Tenet stunt scene involving a Boeing 747 crashing...

But don't take my word for it, actor Robert Pattinson describes it best, “A lot of these sequences, you kind of read in the script and you just think, ‘Yeah, would be cool in a movie.' And then you get to set, and it's like, ‘Yeah, we got a 747 crashing into the building. That's how we're achieving the 747 crashing into the building.' It feels very, very real, essentially ‘cause it is real.”

Now, check out this behind the scenes featurette and let's see what we can glean. 

I love listening to Nolan describe working on original ideas and what inspires him. Nolan says, “Tenet is an espionage story, it's a classic spy story. I grew up loving spy movies. But to make it seem to today's audiences, I sort of felt like for me to really engage with it, I wanted it to have bigger possibilities. […] The film deals with this concept of inversion, which is the idea that the entropy of an object or person could be reversed. It's very much cinematic, it's something that you've to see on the screen to fully engage with.”

The slight bummer is that Nolan says you need to get out of your house to watch it. "The film deals with this concept of inversion, which is the idea that the entropy of an object or person could be reversed," Nolan explains. "It's very much cinematic. It's something that you have to see on the screen to fully engage with."

That's not available where I am...but someday it might be! 

I loved seeing the cast talk about the stunts and globe-trotting experience. Everyone shows up in this video, including John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Kenneth Branagh, Dimple Kapadia, Himesh Patel, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Hoyte van Hoytema, Thomas Hayslip, Nathan Crowley, Emma Thomas, and Nolan himself. 


One of the highlights for me was seeing Hoyte Van Hoytema talk about shooting IMAX. They tried to make most of the effects practically and capture it in-camera. Van Hoytema was operating those cameras handheld, which is not an easy task even for a seasoned cinematographer. 

Here's what they shot on: 

  • Arriflex 765
  • IMAX MSM 9802
  • Panavision 65
  • Panavision Panaflex System 65 Studio

Tenet is written and directed by Christopher Nolan. It stars John David WashingtonRobert PattinsonElizabeth DebickiDimple KapadiaMichael Caine, and Kenneth BranaghTenet is currently slated to hit theaters in the U.S. on September 3, 2020 with early access screenings starting on August 31st.

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures