The Teradek Serv Pro is a handy little device that allows for up to 10 users to monitor a camera signal from their iOS or Android devices and featuring all the tools you are looking for in a monitor, including waveform, scopes, 3D LUTs, and zoom. It's helpful to get every member of your team easy access to the camera feed without everyone having to crowd around a single monitor, which is great for a socially distanced shoot.

This week, Teradek has just rolled out a firmware update to allow that image to also go off set for remote viewing through their Core platform.

What this means in practice is if you connect your Serv Pro to the internet and sign up for an account with Teradek Core, you can have up to 10 crew members watching on their iPad or iPhones on set. On top of that, you can have clients seeing the exact same imagery offsite anywhere in the world via Core.

All the same tools apply, so you could theoretically even keep the DP offsite so they can monitor their image via Core and give instructions to their crew remotely. While we suspect directors and DPs will still want to be on set, we can definitely see clients, producers, and other vital decision makers being able to safely monitor from home as a big bonus. Core has plans that start at $0/month, though you will pay for data.


Of course, Teradek already makes the Cube, which is a dedicated remote streaming box, and that device will continue to exist for its more robust feature set. Specifically, it allows for multiple internet connections bonding together for more stability.

With the Serv Pro, you can connect via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, but not both. With the Cube, you can link both Ethernet and Wi-Fi together (for instance, if they are two networks) and bond the load between them. If you work in a busy field environment, that might be worth the upgrade, but adding livestreaming to the Serv Pro even over a single network connection is a nice upgrade for existing owners.

For more info, check out the Teradek workflow guide on Remote Set Viewing.