If you've ever worked anywhere around video village or pulled focus as an AC then Teradek is certainly no stranger to you—in fact, they might be your BFF.

When you're working with a monitor on set and can't afford to have miles of BNC running around then Teradek's zero delay wireless technology is designed to transmit directly from camera to monitor for quick responses. As described below, this is imperative for working on set when a transmission delay could crucially set you back on production.

Watch our interview with Teradek at NAB 2024 below conducted by Cinematography for Actors and our very own Jourdan Aldredge.

NAB 2024: Check in With the Latest From Teradek

We check out the Bolt 6 and Ace 750 at Teradek's NAB booth and breakdown the differences between the two products.

Essentially, the Ace 750 is the more low budget, indie filmmaking option, while the Bolt 6 is more standard for studio filmmaking and television.

We also get to check out the model for Teradek TV—a less quick wireless option more suited for a client, less suited for a crew member that could benefit from their zero delay hardware. The difference here is that it's a Wi-Fi solution that can connect to iPads, iPhones, and other screens through Wi-Fi versus an RxTx connection.

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