We all know the name Teradek and the brand’s reputation for leading the wireless video transmission and receiving space. Their technology helps push wireless video from a fringe tech that was only accessible to the largest-scale productions, to what is now pretty much an everyday part of all of our production lives.

Well, that tech is about to take another huge step forward with Teradek’s introduction of Teradek TV, the company’s real-time viewing platform for production and post. With this new system designed to allow productions to share encrypted ultra high-quality video feeds with extremely low delays, everything from camera lens controls, color correction, live streaming, and more will now be available at your fingertips.

Let’s take a look at this new tech and explore how Teradek TV could allow you to remote monitor your footage from pretty much anywhere.

Introducing Teradek TV

Honestly, there’s a lot to explore here as Teradek TV is a huge undertaking by the brand that has many different components and features. Known for their low-latency, high-quality video transmission, Teradek has found a great way to really bring all of their expertise together for this new initiative.

Teradek TV is the brand’s new flagship platform for live-feeding and recording production video through all phases of professional film and television workflows. Their slogan is “high-quality, low-latency video feeds to anyone, anywhere in the world.”

When working with Teradek TV users will either be able to manage or view footage and share and access everything with a simple drag-and-drop interface that’s highly customizable, scalable, and just overall easy to use. It also includes plenty of other features like:

  • Color-accurate 4K HDR live feeds
  • Collaboration tools for faster creative decision-making
  • Visibility across multiple productions, if applicable
  • Voice and text chats
  • Departmental privacy channels
  • Instant recordings playback
  • Downloadable proxies for editing and visual effects
  • Multi-camera live feeds
  • Native viewing apps for iOS, Android, Apple TV, Mac, and Windows

Working with Teradek TV

To help you get started, Teradek has released a whole series of videos and tutorials taking any interested users through the entire process and the myriad of different features and controls found in Teradek TV.

Overall though, Teradek TV aims to solve the biggest problems and issues that arise from trying to remotely set up and manage your video villages by connecting everyone on one simple-to-use and highly encrypted and connected platform.

Here are some of the tutorial guides worth checking out:

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Price and Availability

As mentioned above, you can find out a lot more about Teradek TV on the company’s website here. But if you are interested in diving in, Teradek offers a free 7-day trial period before charging per user starting at $49 per month for a basic version, or $99 per user per month for a pro version.